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School Usage

Quite a number of schools have banned fidget spinners in classrooms apparently due to them being a distraction. Some of the media coverage is:

CNN: "Some schools have banned them as a distraction, and there are worries that they may disrupt students' learning. Others argue that fidget spinners can calm special needs students."

Washington Post: "Schools and individual teachers in Florida, Illinois, New York, Virginia and other states are banning them from classrooms, while others are taking the fidget spinners away from kids who seem too distracted by them — or are distracting others.". This article is balanced as it also presents the view of some children: "In Virginia, a petition was started on to persuade officials at Holman Middle School in Glen Allen to reverse a ban on fidget spinners and cubes. One student who signed it wrote: I’m signing because fidget spinners help and need to be banned. They help you stay awake during class."

INDYSTAR: "While some schools banned fidget spinners in the heat of the craze, schools in Carmel will start the new year embracing small toys in the classroom.".

So the opinions are mixed!

The main issue in the classroom seems to be distraction. This can of course apply to usage of any toy or activity such as tapping, clicking a pen, etc. We recommend students consider others who may be distracted, and therefore not use fidget toys in the classroom. Leave playing and tricks to break times. There are of course silent fidget toys / spinners which may reduce any issues.

Please check with your school as to whether they have a fidget toy policy before taking your spinner / fidget toy to class.

One thing most of us know by now is that banning something is not the answer, it often makes it even more popular!

This student has some interesting points!